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˙ūThe ceremonial connected with the propitiation of Mother

Desi is similar to "Vaaraalu" celebrated on the plains in honour

of  "grama devata"   (Village  goddess)   in   almost   every village

inhabited by people who are not tribals at all : while the Gadabas

revere Mother Desi, the plains people revere goddesses with names

like Polamma, Pyditalli, Marldamma, etc.

The belief in Mother Desi, credited with Evil powers, and

Konda Jakara with protective powers, is common to the Gadabas

of Raja Cheruvu Valasa.

No oise dare certicise these goddesses.

Now and then, when a person becomes sick or            he

is visited with misfortune, members of his family offer sacrifices to

them iavokiag their aid lo ward off evil.

.   Priests :

The Gadabas have their own priest to perform rituals, to

conduct weddings and to fix the propitious time for any ceremony.

He is known as ""Chettoji Muhurta Gadu". He presides over all

ceremonial functions.

He becomes a priest by heredity. His word is respected

by all the Gadabas.

Thanks to interaction with the people of the plains, some

of the well to do and educated Gadabas who are in close touch

with the prosperous plains people, are adopting the bratimanicai

almanac, Vedic ceremonials and marriage procedures etc. But

this is a superficial adoption. The hold of the Chettoji has not

been affected by these developments.

4.   Evil Spirits :

The Gadabas believe that every dead person becomes a

devil and haunts the village in the first nine days after death.    He